Hello. My name is Lynette Martyn.

My vision for Arlington Public Schools (APS) is informed by the mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Groups (DIGs), which I helped found. The DIGs' mission was written entirely based on facilitated parent/caregiver listening sessions where the experiences of our students were shared and prioritized. We need to create an optimal learning environment for all of our children by reinforcing diversity, equity, and inclusion as a valued part of the culture in APS. As a School Committee member, I will work hard to provide a safe and welcoming learning space for all our children and their families, inclusive of all identities, in order to prepare our children to be successful in an increasingly diverse world.

"I've served with Lynette Martyn in volunteer capacities in Arlington and know her to be a tireless advocate for diversity and inclusion in our schools. As a School Committee member, I think she would hear the concerns of families and students and would ensure that Arlington's schools are seeking to consistently improve and move forward on many issues that impact our kids' education."

~Katell Guellec, Arlington Diversity Task Group Co-Chair, Peirce parent

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