Hello. My name is Lynette Martyn.

I am excited to be running for Arlington’s School Committee. I respectfully ask for your vote. I come to you with a vision for a school system that is welcoming and inclusive of all our kids and families. I come with experience as an educator, as the Director of an early childhood literacy non profit focused on training teachers, and with director experience at Harvard running communications for their continuing ed programs.


I come to you with an MBA and with deep expertise in communications, hiring and negotiations. I come as a parent who has experienced our school system through the  eyes of a child that struggled with reading, and I come to you as a dedicated community member who has collaborated across the district with parents, teachers, students, and administrators to bring the parent led Diversity and Inclusion groups (DIGs) to all of our schools.


I’m moved both by the stories I have heard through my work with these parent groups and by the data. They paint a clear picture, that while Arlington is a wonderful place to grow up and learn if you are white, and economically comfortable and if you learn the same way as everyone else, there is another world of students in Arlington who are underserved and overlooked.

In addition to my work with the DIGs, I am an active member of Arlington’s Diversity Task Group and have served on the Superintendent’s Diversity Advisory Committee for four years. I am also a candidate for Town Meeting in Precinct 12.

"Lynette Martyn is the progress I want to see in our schools.  She is committed to being an agent of change for the good of all of Arlington’s students.  She has done and will continue to do the internal work, so that she can best represent the needs of all of our learners."

~ Inae Hwang, Chair, Arlington’s Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)